Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok, so I was going to write more in the "About me" section but since things get complicated quite fast I figured a post is needed. So...

Whom am I? :D
Leaving aside the depth of the question and focusing more on superficialities, I'm Brazilian, but also hold a German passport. I finished my PhD in environmental economics in the USA and currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As you read in the previous post I'm still readapting but also oh-so-happy to be back. Beaches, coconut water, friends and family... what else could you want?

Who else?
When I moved to North Carolina for grad school the firs guy I met was A... who after 6 months of friendship turned into boyfriend and is soon going to become husband. A. is from South India. As a good tamilian he likes sambar (a traditional Tamilian dish made of dal and spices). This is where the name of this blog comes from.
Despite stark differences between Brazilian and Indian cultures (food and clothing come quickly to mind) we agree that they somehow complement each other. Also, while we were both out of our comfort zone, living in a third country, things were somewhat easier. Now A. is coming to Brazil for 45 days and his experience here will determine how much more time he wants to stay in the future.

What next?
Well, in June we're getting married in Brazil (big fat Brazilian wedding) then getting married in India (very traditional wedding) in July and finally moving to Europe in August. So there is a lot ahead... hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will!


  1. Hi Samba - just got a chance to read through your blog! Were you at Duke? I was in a ph.d econ program at Georgetown a couple years back, but decided after a semester that it wasn't the right career path for me, and exited with a masters. It's really neat to meet another "gori" with a background in economics!

  2. Hi Gori,

    Thanks for your comments!
    I was at NC State in Raleigh until Jan and then did a few months of work at Duke until March.
    I think econ goes well with Indians... A's loves going on about politics and policy, so we can get quite intense debate.
    Hope to see you back here!