Monday, June 7, 2010


Today we got back from a long weekend out of town. We went to the colonial town of Ouro Preto, in the inland state of Minas Gerais. We had a great time there... but suddenly I realized that time is flying!!

So here is our schedule for the Brazilian time...
June 7th - Travel to the Amazon for work
June 10th - Travel to Brasília for work
June 12th - Meet A. in Brasília and stay until next day
June 13th - 15th - Finalize work and pack up the apartment in Rio
June 16th - Head to Piracicaba (where my mom lives and where Brazilian wedding will take place)
June 19th - Wedding!
June 20th - Head out traveling with a couple of friends for a week
June 26th - Drop friends off at airport in São Paulo
June 28th 1am - Flight to India!

Quite crazy... let's see how I make it to Hyderabad!

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  1. What a busy schedule Samba, really hope you have a great time with the upcoming weddings and best of luck. Look forward to seeing the updates and hearing about how all of it went.