Monday, January 17, 2011

Clothing in the Winter

The other day I was home and too lazy to go out. My roommate asked me why and I replied I was too lazy to put on all the clothes to go out here in Winter. She did not understand my "laziness" and asked whether I had enough clothes. To which I replied that yes, I did, but I was just lazy to put them all on. She still did not quite get it...

Well, let me try to explain... I come from a warm country where you usually have to be concerned about whether you are wearing too much for the day's heat. We also don't have heating in Brazil, which means that if it is cold outside it is just as cold inside (meaning 5-10oC/40-50oF in the early Winter mornings where my mom lives). So you are always dressed up for the outside weather.

Here in Norway in the other hand, houses obviously have heating and you usually don't need more than pants and a t-shirt indoors. So when you want to go out here (where temperatures have continuously been below 0oC/ 32oF) you need to put on lot's of extra clothes, plus gloves, caps, scarves, boots and extra socks. And take them all off again when you come back in. So I'm definitely not complaining about the heating, but just that when I look outside at all this snow and ice and think about the put-on/take off it makes me a little lazy...

On a related note, I was always missing the bus or tram here. As I was walking to the stop it would always pass me. And then I realized that although it does not take more than 5 min to walk to the stop I had to add an extra 5-10 to put on all the gear... ;o)

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  1. Each time I'm in Delhi in winter I actually miss central heating that we have in Europe because prtetty much like in Brazil you get dressed for the outside inside your home and sometimes it even feels colder in your bedroom than on the balcony :)
    One of the reason DH and I love South India so much, even during the "cold" months we can still roam around the house in sweat pants and seater and step out wearing just the same.

    Oh and when I was living in Switzerland I felt lazy dressing up for cold weather too and that was enough of an excuse for me to stay inside all weekend with a stack of rented DVD, books and snack food :)