Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life in transition

One of the best and worst parts of moving around is the pre-leaving period, when the countdown has begun and the moving date is set. It is a time full of anxiety and expectation: how will the new place be? How will we adjust? But it is also a time full of joy, as you want to enjoy the place you are at the most before you leave. And when this dual feelings come crashing you have some real roller-coaster days.

Like the day before yesterday when 5 friends came over to my amazing new apartment (which I only moved into on May 15th). We had a great time, including dinner, caipirinhas, mojitos, shesha, etc. And at around 1am (pretty late for a Tuesday) we (all expats) agreed: Oslo is not bad if you have friends and a nice apartment. Now that the Summer is here and all is green, people are in the streets and birds are singing it really makes me wonder why I am leaving at prime Summer time.

My living room with a view of the porch (including tea cup and laptop): very nice!

Then yesterday, when the consequential headache from the night before was compounded by a call to A. (who is currently on a trip to Brazil to visit some companies together with classmates) in which he wondered what he is doing in Brazil and whether this move is a good idea at all, life seems like a very strange journey. I've told A. this is not the time to freak out, that now we've put things in motion and it is hard to change course. But I also understand his fears of moving to a country where he is not fluent in the language, where he doesn't know how things (and people) work and where he will be looking for a job as of December. Not easy... it doesn't even sound like he was the one that came up with this crazy idea first!

Then today comes around and is a holiday! I slept in until 10am, had a lazy breakfast on my porch and am preparing for doing a little work. Life is indeed interesting! Let's wait to see what tomorrow's mood is like!

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