Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation, wedding #1 and parties!

Hello, hello!

Sorry for the hiatus. I spent the last 10 days on a quick trip back to Raleigh, NC for lot's of reasons which I will post irregardless of ordering...

a) Dismantling the apartment A. and I lived in in Raleigh. We were quite over optimistic about this... 1 week? Sure, no problem! Well, after several parties and other social events we ended up having a day and a half to divide stuff into 4 piles: what goes to Brazil; what goes to Norway/France; what goes to friends and what goes to trash. I ended up spending 2 hours at the post office just to ship boxes off to different destinations and then still had a friend keep our bikes with her until we decide what to do with it.

b) Parties! We had good bye party for A.'s office mates at a nice Indian restaurant on Wednesday, then a grill at a friend's on Thurs, our friends threw a bachelor/bachelorette party for us on Friday and we slept only 2 hours until it was time to go to graduation on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon we hosted a big barbeque for all our friends as a good bye party. Then Sunday I went to a friend's birthday grill while A. had another bachelor party organized by his office mates.

c) We got married! Yup, had time to squeeze in a court-house wedding on Monday morning just in time so we can get the document in the US (where it is virtually bureaucracy free if compared to Brazil or India).

d) Graduation! Got my PhD diploma in my hand now... boy does that feel good!

And after this whole list of events we flew back to Rio de Janeiro together! So here we are now, tired and still catching up on sleep... but happy!

Now it makes more sense why I haven't been able to post anything, but I promise this will improve. :P


  1. Congratulations on finally having your PhD in hand! What was your thesis on? Typical three related articles?

  2. Thanks Gori!
    It's more like 3 unrelated articles... The overarching theme being conservation in the Brazilian Amazon :P