Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Indian and the speedo

Background info: Brazilians wear speedos on the beach. There is no age or body shape restriction. Young guys lately do seem to prefer shorts, but they usually have their speedos underneath the short.

So 2 years ago my mother sent me a Christmas package to the USA and in it was a speedo she got for A. She had gotten each of my brothers one and didn't think much about throwing one more in for A. When I saw the speedo in the box I was left wondering what to do... I knew A. would not be excited about the gift (to say the least) but if I did not give it to him, next time my mom spoke with him and asked how he liked his gift my story would be uncovered. So I decided to go ahead and hand it over. The look of bewilderment in A.'s face was priceless... He looked at it, asked what it was for (swimming) and then asked: "Why did your mom give me an underwear to wear in public??". Needless to say, the speedo was quickly tucked in somewhere, never to be found again.

And here we come to the present day, in Rio de Janeiro. Home of more speedos than anywhere else (even in Brazil). A. got here a week ago and started Portuguese classes 2 days ago... And yesterday he gets home and asked: "Hey, can we get a speedo for me? You know, I was in class, after class everyone just went to the beach and everyone went swimming but I couldn't because I was wearing jeans..." I must admit I laughed a lot!! For now, A.'s idea is to use the speedo as a fast drying underwear under shorts, so he can just hop in the water with shorts on and have them dry by the time he leaves the beach. So last night we went to the mall and got him 2 speedos, which he will try out soon. :D

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