Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arriving in India!

You know you are in India when…

- People try to pass you in the immigration line.
- Luggage takes an hour to come out the carrousel.
- There are more people working in the airport gardens that you’d think possible.
- A police officer stops your taxi and hops on, without questions about whether it is ok or even where we were going.
- Honking… lot’s!
- Sugar with coffee… or chai

But overall (and so far) India has been much easier this time around. Much credit goes to SIL who came from Chennai to spend 2 days with us for wedding shopping (her own wedding and our are only 1 week apart!!). But it also helps that in laws and I knew what to expect of each other.


  1. Where did you land? The Delhi & Mumbai international airports are as nice as any other international airport in the country, now - and loads better than ghastly Heathrow.

  2. We landed in Hyderabad which is a quite nice airport. Reading the post it seems a bit negative but that's not what I had in mind. It was more like an unbiased description (if any such thing exists).