Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sari wearing training

After 2 days of shopping for my own, SIL, and other’s saris my MIL decided time has come to start my sari training. She gave me 3 polyester saris to wear around the house and on daily outings so I can get used to wearing one before the wedding.

To some extent it feels nice that she’s concerned about me not making a mess of myself during the ceremonies but on the other… the rolling eyes with which she looked at me when I came out this morning with the not-so-well wrapped sari around me shows that she did have higher expectations… Let’s see… so far the safety pins have saved me! And A. loves seeing me in a sari ;)


  1. Good idea to try it out beforehand - I wore my first sari the morning of our wedding (we had an evening ceremony), and developed a crick in my neck from subconsciously trying to keep the pallu up by raising my shoulder.

  2. Yup, it becomes a lot easier with time!

  3. That's quite sweet of your MIL. I used to go to a lady for sari-tying lessons when I was living in TN, she felt it was important that I leave India with that skill. I can still just about tie a sari but am much happier finding an aunty to fix it for me - the thing is, the same goes for most my Indian girl friends and when we're at weddings we're all desperate to find someone who can tidy us up before we go to the phere.