Thursday, September 16, 2010

My boyfriend

I feel like now that I got married I got myself a boyfriend!

Ok, let me explain... A. and I moved in together after a few months of dating. Actually, it was 3 months of dating and then 3 months of distance (while I was in Brazil for work during the Summer). Before leaving I had sublet my apartment for 3 months and left my stuff in boxes at A.'s place. While in Brazil our relationship evolved quite a bit: the first 'I love you' was over skype, and then after a while A. suggested that I should move into his place when I'd return. I never said yes, mostly due to uncertainties regarding where we'd be (in terms of the relationship) after such long distance. But when I came back... things fell in place again quite fast and when I asked A. whether I should unpack, his silence and quirky smile were answers enough. I moved in. And then we lived together in Raleigh for almost 3 years. Overall marriage was not a big deal to us, we felt it was more life making whatever we had official rather than changing anything. 

Well, let me tell you... marriage didn't change things but living in different countries sure does. How I miss the easiness of finding each other for conversations, more like bumping into each other in the closet or hanging out doing nothing! Now that he's in Paris and I'm in Norway, communication is much harder. I start work at 8am, he starts class at 8:30am, so we catch up for a few minutes on skype in the morning. At lunch he might or not make it home, and I might or not be at my computer when he logs in. The evenings should work... but for now I don't have a computer at home (waiting for my ordered laptop to arrive...) and neither of us has gotten a phone yet, so there's no way to communicate. Also, his MBA is starting off quite busily, he's got more to do by the day! 

So here we are, married and back to dating! Seeing each other on weekends, talking each other day, etc... Definitely not easy, but we both hope it is worth it in the long term...

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