Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Time flies!!
And now I live in Oslo. I moved here after coming back from Indonesia last week and really like it so far. I am living in an apartment with 3 Norwegians (which will hopefully expedite my learning of the language). Oslo is not that big (600 thousand) and quite spread out for European standards. It is also quite old, which makes it very interesting. I live between the Vigeland park and the royal palace, which is a very nice area (as you can see from the neighborhood pic below).

It takes me 10 minutes to walk to the train station and from there it takes 30 min to get to ├ůs (where work is) and then 5 min biking from the station. Not bad. And the views of the Oslo Fjord still amaze me, especially now when I see the sun rising over the mountains from the train every morning.

It is was all so sweet and simple... Well, it isn't. The apartment I am living in now is not the one I should've moved into. That apartment is currently under renovations, and, as most renovations, it is way past delivery date. So when I was supposed to move in and the new apartment wasn't ready my new roommates offered me to move into their old apartment for the time being. The new and the current place are only about 7 blocks apart, so the neighborhood won't change. But just the thought of repacking everything that I finally unpacked after 7 months is quite tiring... Let's see how it goes!

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