Saturday, March 19, 2011


After 2 full weeks in Oslo I am now off to travel again. First stop is Paris, to spend the weekend with A. I arrived late last night after a pit-stop to get him some pizza on the way. Today was spent cooking and cleaning... not that nice but necessary tasks.

I'm coming back to Oslo on Monday, spending 2 days in there and then traveling to Barcelona for meetings from Wednesday until Saturday. Sunday I'm off to Paris again for 2 days, packing in some time with A. before heading off on Tuesday to Newcastle (UK). I'll meet a friend there and then go to Stirling (3 hours by train from Newcastle) for a conference. And then hurrying back to Oslo in time for the arrival of 2 elementary school friend whom I have not seen for 7 years (and before that we met 13 years earlier) that will spend the weekend here in Oslo.


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