Monday, February 7, 2011

Brazilian wedding, part 1

A little explanation is needed before delving into the story...
In Portuguese:
Casar: (verb) to get married. Pronounced: kazar.
Caҫar: (verb) to hunt. Pronounced: kassar.

I called my mom back in March 2010 while walking on campus and after talking about a few things I said:
"Mom, I'm getting married."
"What? Can't hear you..."
"Mom, I'm getting married."
"What? Who are you going hunting with?" (She was mixing up the verbs above.)
"Mom, I'm getting married!" (Detail: the quality of the phone call was fine during the previous topics...)
"Against whom?"
"What?? A. of course! But not against him..."
"Oh... wow... (silence) this is a surprise..."
"Mom... we've been living together for 3 years..."
"Yeah, I know, but still... so suddenly... When will it be?"
"We are thinking about June..."
"That's 3 months away!!"
"Exactly, but we want something small anyway. What are the minimum family requirements?"
"Well... we can have a small ceremony at my house, just family and a few friends..."
We chatted a few more lines and I hung up, as she needed to recover from the shock :P

The very next day Mom calls me:
"Hi! Do you have a list of guests for the wedding yet??"
"Well, I have put one together and I wanted to compare it to yours. Very small, nothing big..."
"Sorry Ma, no list yet."
"Hum... I'm wondering if I should include some extra slots beyond the 200 names I've got so far then."
200?? And it was supposed to be small!

Well... this is how the crazy Brazilian wedding started...

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  1. Ours had around 250-260 invites (I don't think that counts most of the relatives abroad who would have been invited), a little under 200 came for the reception, and we're told our wedding was TINY by Indian standards.

    Looking forward to reading more! I love crazy wedding stories...they always make me feel better about my own...I think I'm finally starting to get enough distance from it that I can laugh about more things that I fumed or cried about then!