Thursday, May 5, 2011


To save some money (since everything, including hostels, is expensive here) I decided to accept a friend's invite to crash at her place while A. and my brother visit Stockholm for 2 days. Since she lives in the same town as the university I work at it seems like a good idea, since I get to sleep in later and have a 5 min bike ride to work. So yesterday I brought my stuff over and went to bed, glad to have a real bed and a lot of space too (I am sleeping on the third floor, which is an open space).

And then, at 3am one of her daughters starts crying... and the second soon follows... and then the parents run around trying to calm them down... They both have chicken pox! And wake up scratching and crying... And crying... and crying... And there is no division between the 2nd floor (where the family sleeps) and the 3rd. Overall not a good night, woke up more tired than the day before... good, natural birth control.


  1. Oh gosh~ hope you've had them already! It seems to be more uncomfortable when you get them as an adult!

    I giggled at your "good, natural birth control"… I say nearly the same thing when we're out shopping and kids are screaming mad through the store, when the baby in the next apartment wakes up at 11 and 4 am…. and when I look at cute clothes in the store and think "WHAT! $40 for a little jumper? I wouldn't pay that for a pair of jeans for myself!!!"

  2. Thanks Andrea! Have you seen this ad?
    It is hilarious!