Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sports weekend

I spent the last 5 days in Paris, visiting A. However, this weekend was different from the rest as his school organized a sports competition among the some of the best MBA schools in Europe. What does that mean? It means that they did not have classes on Thursday and Friday, had lots of work, parties, and aching muscles. For me it meant basically the same thing.  A. asked me to replace him at bartending on Thursday afternoon since he needed to be at another place for some other work at the same time. Then Thursday evening we went to the first party...

Handball: very popular in many countries and virtually unknown in others...

Friday I played in their handball team (while A. went to cricket). They were in desperate need of a player and since I used to play in college I volunteered. The rules stated that there needed to be a woman on the field at all times... when I heard that I was less thrilled... having seen male handball games I know it can be tough!!! But I went anyway, hoping to survive. It was very nice to get the whole "competition feeling" again: butterflies in your stomach, concentration, the feeling that you can achieve anything (even though reality is a bit harsher). And the team was very good... we had some players that used to play semi-professionally  and they carried us with them. 3 games later (20 to 5; 20 to 8; 15 to 1) we were champions!! Not bad... Friday I still had work to do and also did some bartending. Later at night (after a quick nap) A. and I went to the party again.

And then Saturday came and as I woke up I felt all the muscles that had not been used in a while... everything hurt! We slept in a bit until someone called asking for help to deliver lunches and out we went. Then we watched soccer, touch-rugby and some other sports and finally went home hoping for a nap. But by the time we can organized the apartment a bit it was time to head out again: final party!  I admit that I was ready to leave shortly after we arrived... tiredness + aches + little dinner + too many people were just not what I was looking for.

Today is Sunday and I'm heading back to Oslo, to try to catch up on work while still planning to enjoy the national holiday on Tuesday... 

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