Thursday, November 25, 2010

Indians and visas: the nightmare (Part II)

Someone from the Moroccan embassy called this morning... I picked up, explained I was A.'s wife and said A. wasn't home. The guy did not tell me anything, just asked me to tell A. to call them asap. I was surprised to get a call so early (merely 2 days after applying) and thought that maybe there was some document missing in the application.

When A. got home for lunch he headed straight to the phone... 20 attempts later (no one was picking up) the same guy he talked to at the consulate picked up. And the result of A.'s Moroccan visa application was an unapologetic, without reason, resounding denial! This had never happened to A. before as he quickly pointed out to the guy. The guy went on to say that they did not make the decisions about visas, they had sent his application by mail to Morocco and had only received the result. (By mail in 2 days????????). On the reason for the denial, no clue either.

So that leaves us with useless air tickets to and from Morocco worth €450 (unchangeable). The 2 friends that are coming to the US to travel with us have been told by email (no response yet). But, overall, the worse is the feeling of being stranded and powerless. Why deny a tourist visa for 2 weeks?? Why can't we have more clearcut visa rules around? Are visas like lotteries in which at some point in time your unlucky number is drawn and you are denied the right to travel? Damn!

I'm pissed and sad... And I offered to go get the passport back from the consulate (since A. has class) so I guess all there is for me to do is sit on the trains for 5 hours...


  1. Oops that must’ve hurt. Even Malaysia bunged entry visas - that just takes the cake. Indians get kicked in the balls everytime they lineup for visas. The best u can do is try sink em’ in the paper trail (this n that document) …and never be too sure. try again in a couple of weeks, this time brush up ur french.

  2. that's horrible :( so sorry that you wont get to go on your warm vacation with friends... is there any way you can ask for more clarification once you try to get his passport?

  3. @Andy: I don't think there will be a second application for the visa... We handed in all the necessary (and possible!!) documents, including proof of purchase of tickets (which I think is a lame rule, if there is a chance you won't get the visa). A. is swamped with work and won't have for 2 more days off.

    @:) The worst part of a visa application is that the consulates are not required to give any reasons for denial and there is no appeal... Let's see where we will spend the time instead.

  4. Shucks! That must hurt. Hope that this turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

  5. So sorry to hear about the denied visa and feel your frustration I think its stupid to get someone to purchase air tickets as a criteria for getting the visa and then deny it. But this is the kind of situation one has to face when you are originally from the third world.

  6. Hi Krishanu and cj, thanks for the support!