Thursday, November 18, 2010

Southern France

Just a quick update...

I arrived back in Oslo from Italy on Sunday. I taught class (the last class of the semester!!!) and packed my entire Oslo stuff on Monday.  And went to work on Tuesday. After work I managed to skip by the doctor (finally got one... but she doesn't speak English...) and then took the train to the airport. At 9:50pm I arrived at A.'s apartment... exhausted but happy to be there.

On a related note... I'm realizing how A. is changing. Not on weekends when we travel together, but mostly on a daily routine way... For example, last night we were in bed, almost asleep talking a little about nothing much and he just jumped out without saying a word! I stayed in bed asking what it was... to no avail... he didn't even answer. I fell asleep wondering if I had said something wrong, if he was mad or if something else was bothering him (yes, female over-analysis). This morning when we got up I asked him what was the jumping out of bed for. His reply: "oh, nothing, I was just hungry and went to find something to eat!". This is definitely a changed A., in Raleigh he would have asked me to help him fix something, but now he's clearly independent (as he likes to stress).

A.'s class and exam schedule is taking up a whole lot of his time, which is understandable (almost anyone that has gone through grad school knows how it is) but I think it is especially harder after a long break of 9 years in which A. was working. This means that he's usually in a rush during the week nowadays and sometimes works in the evenings too. Which is also funny as when I was doing my PhD he insisted that working at night was merely mismanaging your day time. :P

Today (the next day after all this traveling) I took the train in the afternoon to Clermont Ferrand, in Southern France, where I will be for the next 2 days. Then I go back to Paris for 10 looooooooooooong days!! Yay!! I'm looking forward to having so much time with A.!

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