Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter musings

It snowed! A considerable amount! And life went on as usual, without more than a smile of people walking through the dense flakes hoping they could keep falling so the skiing season would start soon. This is not good... where I come from it never snows. Where I moved from (Raleigh, USA), any snow was enough to shut down the whole city. And where I live now snow is nothing more than the sign that even more snow is to come. Cars have already had their winter tires one for a few weeks, streets are salted and coats are out of the closet. Nothing new...

Well, except for the Brazilian over here... I have kept on my challenge to keep biking as long as possible. I thought the experience of biking in the snow I accumulated from living in the mountains in Southwest Virginia would be enough. But today was different. When biking back from my office to the train station I noticed my gears were not shifting properly... didn't give it a second thought. Then when I was about to start a downhill I pulled my brakes and... they were frozen!! They did not move (and this had never happened to me before), so my feet were the brakes on the slippery refreezing-snow-turning-into-ice. I finally made it to the station and quickly locked my bike and walked/wadded to the overpass (in my knee long black coat I felt like a true penguin). Up the stairs, down the stairs... and then, when I was almost at the platform... thump!

Yup, that was me... suddenly sitting on my butt.

Tomorrow will be worse with all the water refrozen into ice... Let's just hope I safely make it down the hill from my apartment to the train station ;o)

PS- I know... it is not even Winter yet. But it snowed 15cm (5") last night and now it is -8oC (20oF) out there so I refuse to call this anything else.


  1. so cute to hear your first experiences with 'real winter'! i am here in churchill canada, polarbear capital of the world! it's supposed to go down to -27C tomorrow! ;) no biking here!

  2. You poor thing. I am really feeling for you. I'm not sure I could do what you are doing. I'm sure you will figure it all out and become a pro by the end of winter.

    When going to work...just imagine being back in NC :) This week we aren't going lower then 64F(18C). And the fall colors are beautiful right now.

    All the best,

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for the compliment. I do think -5oC here feels less cold than the same temperature in the USA and even less cold than zero in Brazil (where houses have no heating and no double glass windows and definitely no heated bathroom floors!!). I guess it is all psychological anyway :P (That's what I'm trying to convince myself of anyway).

  4. Hi Kat,
    Thanks! I'd doing fine though... I think most of the suffering is coming from expectations of what is yet to come. So I guess I should focus on the present :)
    How are you doing?

  5. Samaba,
    That lack of not knowing what lies ahead, but knowing that it will get worse is a lot to swallow. I really do think that you will be fine. Once you've had a few of these accidents you'll learn how to not have them and i'm sure it will become a lot easier.

    Some days are good and some days are bad. Right now I'm a little down because I'm beginning to doubt my decision to being willing to follow Adi to India. I guess it's that fear of the unknown that is really eating at me. I really need to figure it out soon though, but not sure if there really is a way to without just jumping in feet first and crossing my fingers.

    P.S. hope the long distance thing is working out ok for you and your husband.

  6. last winter europe was fkng insane. frankfurt was shutdown by snowmageddon for whole 4 days, thousands stranded. my connecting flight from Amsterdam flew only at last moment. thank goodness made it to boarding gates of flight back home on time!

  7. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your comment!
    In Norway last winter it was also quite cold... but people were mostly happy because this meant that the snow that fell on Xmas 2009 stayed on the ground until March 2010, which made for a long ski season.
    Let's just hope it does not get that cold this year!

  8. Raleigh is quite cold enough for me!! I think I would be hibernating if I lived there. :D