Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapati making

Chapatis are a staple for A. And while living in Raleigh he many times tried to get the owner of Cool Breeze (the local Indian fast food joint) to sell his some for take out (usually they only serve them as part of their thali) to no avail. So he used to go there quite often and order the thali... just for the chapatis...

He even brought me a chapati roller pin and board from India on one of the trips in hopes that it would be widely used. To be honest, they were used only once.... after A. bugged me so much that I said we could do chapatis anytime if he rolled them. We did them once... and never again. Needless to say, he stopped bugging after that :)

Well, now we are in Europe, I have a bigger kitchen (there was no where to roll the chapatis in Raleigh, which had to be done in the carpet covered living room... not a good combination) and I got to making parathas (which are easy and so so yummy!). (The pin and board disappeared somewhere in the moving though...) So yesterday, taking advantage that the chapati eater (A.) was here (and I got another pin), I invited a bunch of friends over for dinner, made some curries and a lot of dough. After some bottles of wine we headed to the kitchen where A. organized a series of contests between everyone while I cooked them. First round was "perfect circle chapati" which was easily won by one of the girls... Then came the "square chapati round" and finally a "holiday season motif" chapati. This is a reindeer chapati:

And at the end they tasted good too! So everyone was quite happy... especially A. who got his chapati crave under control... at least for now! It is just so much more fun to make chapatis in good company.


  1. i learnt making chapati from the Indian Breads Videos. Truly a healthy dish.

  2. Reindeer chapathi. Never thought I would see that. Cute! Sounds like a really nice time with friends!