Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter pearls

Here are some short conversations I've had in the last few days:

Friend 1: What are you doing over the holidays?
Me: Want to go somewhere warm.
Friend 1: Why? What s really nice is that when it is cold outside you can stay inside.
Me: :S (Can't you stay inside at any point in time?)

Me: I wonder why Norwegians keep their fridge working in the Winter if it is so cold outside...
Friend 2: Because it is too cold outside! You mean why they keep their freezer running?
Me: Yeah...
Friend 2: Maybe it is because they are afraid cats or dogs might eat it.
Me: I have never seen a stray cat or dog here...
Friend 2: True... and probably the food would be too hard for them to eat anyway...

Me: Wow... it's cold!
My boss: A little. But did you know that in Norway they at least cancel preschool if the temperature falls below -16oC.
Me: That was this morning!
My boss: Yeah, but in Russia they don't cancel preschool until it is something like -52oC!


  1. Lol. We've had temperatures fall to -12 deg C (with windchill close to -16 deg C). And this ain't peak winter yet ..

  2. Yeah... Trying to convince myself that this feels fine (while wondering how much colder will get!).

  3. In communist Russia pre-school closes you! (I'm sorry, I just HAD to)