Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter fashion

I've been wanting to write a post about this for a while, but wanted to wait and see how much more weird stuff I saw around. Yes, that's right: weird. I know that for most of you coming from frigid areas the pics below won't seem so abnormal, but for me, they are. While I've seen all of these in the streets of Oslo, these are not my photos. I cannot get myself to be blunt and take pics. Also, most of the time it is dark here, which would require flash, which would make it even more awkward. So, here we go:

A must-have in the Winter. While there are many "normal types" these just make my jaw drop every time someone walks by in them:
Who would choose these? I mean, maybe I'm too functional but shoes with fur and snow slush don't seem to go together for me...

And then here is the option for nights out:
Short boots with skinny pants are everywhere. Last I checked (in Brazil) we had a ban about short boots with pants inside (meaning they are usually worn with pants covering the hem). But maybe I'm just outdated.

Next point, starting from same pic: how can the Norwegians survive with such thin pants?? Going out at night, most girls have some really skimpy skirts on with nothing but pantyhoses covering their legs!! I am all for less clothes, but when it is -15oC (5oF) outside I consider it a bit cold...

And I could not find a picture of the general inverted triangle that people here dress as. This means boots (or small shoes), skinny jeans, a short stuffy jacket and a huge scarf. The pic below gets close, but the stuffy jacket is missing...


Or maybe like this (hehehe):

Sometimes it is as if a coat is walking around on sticks :o) And since I mentioned coats... 
This is usually the old lady attire (which means a long fur coat which looks so so heavy) but they could be mistaken for rambling bears at any time:

But you also have the younger generation with oversized faux fur: 

And see the size of the hood? Yup, huge hoods are also "in". 

From the pics above you probably noticed that I don't like like fur... It is mostly the volume and the stray hairs that come with it that I don't like. But seeing something like this makes me balk for other reasons:

Really?? With the dead animal's head and paws hanging around? A bit much I think...

So you might be curious in what I've been going around these days. 
Ta-da! My most favorite piece of clothing, that I bought for a bargain in the last week in the USA (when I knew I'd be coming here). Note: bargain was full price in the US, but half the price of any comparable jacket here. I still feel (and look) like I have a huge blanket wrapped around me, but I'd rather be warm....


  1. OMG these boots are still in "Fashion"???? Whenever I see these I picture blonde ski slope barbie Diva that parades around in a white snow suit, pink lipstick brander sunglasses and a few bit of gold jewellery...that was in the late 80's early 90's I guess.

    I used to see a lot of skimpy dressing in frigid cold weather in Switzerland too, apparently at one point it was all the rage for 14 yo something to go to school with low rise jeans, and a tiny t-shirt exposing a lot of belly when it was snowing outside. And I was shivering with my thick coat, woolen sweater and cotton tee underneath.

  2. Would strongly recommend a woolen hat and gloves, on person at all times (as if you didn't know that already!). I usually keep them in my jacket pocket, but in certain circumstances, they are life savers.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Yup, 80s are back... and the 14 yo are still going around semi-naked in the snow. I guess the world does not change that much...

    Hi Krishanu,
    Don't worry because gloves and a hat are definitely always in my coat pocket!

  4. I love that super weird blanket/neck cone thing. She looks like an animal who need to be protected against cleaning herself!