Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you a planner?

I'm not. If I can I will not decide on whether to go out this weekend until Saturday afternoon. I will not decide on whether to go out next week until the last moment. I do not know what I am cooking tomorrow. And if possible I don't like people pushing me to decide on things ahead of time.

This does not mean that I don't plan ahead for things that do need planning such as buying plane tickets or shopping for at least a week. And in this sense I am much more of a planner than A., who would like to decide whether to go out on Saturday on the same day at 10pm. And my brother is essentially also like this.

And the 3 non-planners ended up on a trip with a hyper planner. The fourth person on the trip was a girl I met in Oslo a few months ago. She was super enthusiastic about meeting me and soon I invited her to one of the weekly dinners I have with some friends here. The fact that she wanted to know what the person responsible for the dinner was cooking 5 days in advance should have set the alarm off but it didn't. And then when I invited everyone at one of these dinners to join us for the trip she was the only one who accepted. Oh, well, since my brother was worried about being a 3rd wheel I decided to take the chance... Big mistake!

During the entire trip she was trying to plan things. Where are we going today? Where are we eating lunch? What road are we driving? What is the weather forecast? What are you wearing tomorrow? What should I wear? This obviously drove us 3 nuts and was quite frustrating for her. How can people plan so much? Doesn't it occupy too much wave length?

Just in case, I'm preparing a questionnaire for future trip mates to fill out ahead of time. This is all the planning I will do :P

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