Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water divide

In Brazil we call a situation a water divide (divisor de águas) when it separates the before from the after. And this is exactly how I felt my week off was: a water divide. Before the trip I was still going about my stuff here in Norway, my job, my new friends here, looking for an apartment for the last 2 months, etc. Not quite processing the thought that I'm moving again so soon.

But during the trip (more specifically during a conversation with A. on the drive back, when the rest of the car occupants were snoring in the back seat) it seems like my ideas fell into place. Yes, I'm moving across the planet! And I better get the hold of it soon! So now it does feel like I have 2 months to finish as much as I can at work, to enjoy Spring since it might be a while before chilly days come by again, to enjoy the time with the people I met here but overall not to fret it things are not perfectly in place by the time the end of June (aka moving time) comes around. I will try my best and the rest... well, it is always about priorities.

It is funny how certain moments can cause such considerable changes in our perceptions. Small things that suddenly shed light on issues that were fuzzy or unidentifiable before...

And when I was googling an image of a water divide for this post the pic above popped up... and it is quite close to where I'll be living in Brazil, which made me smile. Seems like there are good things in store! :)

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