Friday, April 1, 2011


After this whole series of moves and the promise of the beautiful apt#2 always around the corner I am still living in the not-great apt#3. We were supposed to move to apt#2 in March (after several postponements) and by the end of Feb I asked for a confirmation from my roommate and she replied that no, we could not move yet because there was a lot more renovating needed at apt#2. So I settled into apt#3 indefinitely, confident that day for apt#2 would eventually arrive.

And just now I get an email from my roommate: apt#2 is not ready but she has no more money for more renovations, lease on apt#3 is expiring April 30th and basically I am homeless from then on. Just what I needed... Quite inconsiderate on her part not to tell me earlier, but I guess at this point I should have expected the worst. I will not be in Oslo for half of April, meaning that I actually have 2 weeks to look for a place and move. And I will only stay here until July (yes, decided to move to Brazil) meaning that it will be hard to find a place for 2 months. It helps that I don't own anything more than my own stuff, but that also makes it impossible (more like impractical) to furnish and set up an apartment for the time being.

Not good... not good.


  1. Here in the States they have hotels and suites that they rent for "extended stays"… They are fully furnished, some of them have a small kitchen and even provide basic things like pots and pans. Other extended stay suites off free fruit/danish/eggs for breakfast and a small 'hot" dinner for a few hours at night… like baked potato, soup and salad. Hubby and I spent a month away from home and we were very grateful to find a place like this. Signing a lease for 2 months might be tricky at a regular apartment…but these places look for clients like you.
    Most of the time normal big hotels offer a discounted per night cost if you book an extended stay…like more than 1 week. Anything like this offered around you? Good luck and stay positive!

  2. Student hostel!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    While I know what type of hotels and suites you are talking about I have not seen anything like them here in Norway. In general hotels are quite expensive (whatever the kind). Today I found a website with temporary rentals... maybe that will work for me!

    And I have not seen student hostels either... the university is usually responsible for 1st year students accommodation and then later they usually just rent an apartment themselves.