Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello hello!

Here I am again after a long break. And a much needed break too! The past 10 days have been an amazing disconnection from internet... and how was I longing for it! During grad school (when you are expected to not have vacations) and now during work (when you sneak in a few days off work but make sure to read your emails several times a day in case someone realized you are not there) it had been almost 5 years of online connectivity. And what did I do these 10 days?

My brother is visiting from Brazil. He arrived on April 18th, just in time to meet up at the airport, rent a car and head our traveling with A. and another friend of mine. We started off with a day in Paris, seeing the highlights in Spring:

The next day we headed to Germany, where we visited one of our cousins who is studying there:
The amazing flowered fields on the way.

Me and the town.

Then we headed to Lake Constance to visit a friend I had not seen for 6 years. We even stayed a second night, since he took us sailing!!

Cheesy Titanic moment :P

From there we jumped to Switzerland to visit 2 cousins living there. 
Amazing scenery on the road.

And then off to another city in Italy to visit another friend:
Castle we stopped by to visit on the way.

And another great lake right where she lives!

We then headed to Italy, but stayed off the beaten path at an amazing National Park:

With little villages perched on the cliffs:

Finally we stopped at a great French city on the way back:
A., me and my brother in a city of style.

So, who can guess where we went?? Come on... the first one is easy :P


  1. The sights are wonderful! Makes me want to go on a trip to Europe! You must have had a great time!

    ~ Krishanu

  2. Hi Krishanu,
    Long time no see!
    Traveling in Europe is always worth it... and it was great too!

  3. Que bonitas fotos!