Friday, April 8, 2011


Wow, a week just flew by. Yeah, I know this sounds cliché, everyone's life seems to be running ahead of them these days. But I have no other excuse except for nothing amazing to write about.

But here I am, at the airport once more, ready to fly to Paris for the weekend to see A. Paris is always about 10oC warmer than Oslo which makes these trips even nicer, especially in the Winter and now, early Spring. While Paris already had flowers and little leaves on trees since about a month ago I finally spotted the first garden flower in my neighbor's backyard yesterday. They were quite small, but beautiful, especially after a long harsh Winter and many days of wishing Spring would finally arrive.

Just like the neighbor's flowers.

There are also some daffodils springing up, but no flowers yet. On the other hand the Oslo Fjord is still covered with pieces of ice... at least not completely frozen, but still very far fro swim-able. 

The port in Oslo last weekend: definitely not quite Spring yet.

I took this picture last Saturday, when walking through the city with 2 Dutch friends that came to visit me. We are actually an interesting story: we were good friends for a year in 1991 when we all lived in Nicaragua. After that we moved away, and only met when I visited them in Amsterdam. When we met again after 12 years it seemed like time had not passed that much. We got along great and vowed to meet again soon. Now they came to visit me in Oslo, 8 years after that visit to Amsterdam. It is funny how time is flying by, how life experiences are different but still quite similar (like we all did PhDs... but each in a different field). Here is the pic we took 8 years ago and an update from last weekend:

2003 in Amsterdam.

2011 in Oslo.

It is good to have friends! :)

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