Friday, April 29, 2011

Reflections on life as of now

Here I am, sitting on the floor of my apartment surrounded by my worldly belongings:

2 suitcases
1 backpack
1 bag with my duvet
2 plastic storage boxes. 

My roommate moved her stuff out this morning, which means I have no furniture left. Thankfully the wifi comes from the downstairs apartment, otherwise there would be even less to entertain me.

Having all your possessions neatly packed in front of you is both a relief (for finally managing to achieve it) but also a tad unnerving: is this all my life sums up to? Obviously the answer is no, but looking at my stuff makes me ponder about how possessive we are about what is ours. And, really, if they got lost and never showed up in my new place would that be the end of the world? Quite simply: no.

So why do we carry all this stuff around us in life? Do we need it? Well, at some point we decided we did, but obviously many times we think we need something that ends up piled on the shelves somewhere gathering dust. I must admit I'm proud that I am moving out with the same amount of stuff that I brought. The Oslo prices definitely helped ;)

And my brother is visiting... poor him... we will both be sleeping on the floor tonight before heading to Bergen for a weekend in the fjords!

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